Ok, so as I said at the end of my last blog- this post is for non-dieters! Man, posting this after 8pm (which is the time I have told myself I cannot eat after) is not easy! These look so yummy! Simply Sweet Cupcake Boutique in Mobile, AL., is where the photo shoot(s) for Access Magazine’s “baker’s” story for December began. 9am. I actually was not originally scheduled to shoot this story, but the other photographer fell ill, so I was super happy they thought of me! This post is going to focus on just one of the four bakeries we visited that day. I may post the other ones separately! Enjoy and pick up a copy of Access! I have another feature in the upcoming February issue!

Such a fun shoot! The Access beauty team dressed up the owner of Simply Sweet Cupcake Boutique, Ashley Sassaman, to help complete this glamorous look! Just precious. What a sweetie!