So… I have started a diet… finally! It’s more of a get healthy/feel better/ get in shape thing. My eating habits have gotten out of control! I love food though. Haha, I don’t think I am alone in that because a few weeks ago while out on girl’s night, all of us munching on a delicious BLT pizza with avocado aoili (yes it was AMAZING!), one of the girl’s said, “I get so excited about food. Like, I would rather spend my money on going out to a delicious dinner than spending it on a new outfit!” I was the same way. But she is in awesome shape…She works out. I know one thing- I can’t blame it on my son anymore (you know the, “I just had a baby” excuse… he just turned two! I am on day 4 now of my diet… I have a jogging stroller and we have been on 1 stroll so far, today will make a second one- may start jogging in it today. I got new tennis shoes for Christmas and socks- so I need to put it all to use and hit the pavement (like I used to). The one day we did stroll it was windy and my son has had a cold and an ear infection, so I didn’t want to make his symptoms worse from all of the wind in his face/ ear… but I’ll just have to bundle him up better this time. Can’t take him to the gym just yet, want to make sure he all is better before he is around other babies.

New Shoes (“Brand New Shoes, decorate my feet between me and the street”… anyone remember that guy who used to come to elementary school with a guitar and sing? He sang the new shoes song and the Unicorn song!)

My diet is a low carb, low sugar diet and I am doing it for 28-30 days… After day 2, I swear I could think clearer… I didn’t have as much sugar and carbs clouding my brain, lol! It is amazing how much more energy I have as well already! So this first week is more about getting my portions in control and limiting myself to what I eat… Next week (when my son is all better from his cold- prayers for that please!) I will start a routine at the gym.. and after my routine I really want to start swimming with Rowan (indoor pool). So maybe he will start to like going if he is rewarded with playtime in the pool- and maybe I can teach him to swim as well…..maybe. So I have been trying to do no bread (other than whole grain-if I eat any), crackers (like no Ritz, Saltines, Wheat Thins, etc.) cookies, no sugar in my coffee, not much fruit (I did buy berries and apples) and no sodas… but I have had 1 diet coke…in 3 days. It’s not like I don’t know how to eat, I just haven’t applied myself as much as I should have in trying to eat better and stick to it! My Step-mother is all about her natural food, medicine, herb, etc… you think I am kidding? She is hardcore with it. She ALWAYS has a glass of water with her everywhere she goes. She drinks herbal teas, they raise their own chickens for eggs (and an occassional dinner), grow their own veggies, herbs, etc. So I know what and how I should be eating.

Every morning  my coffee is black with the serving size of whatever creamer I have- which does have sugar, but it is about 1g. Then whatever coffee is leftover, I pour into a mason jar, mix with serving size of creamer and stick in the freezer, so the next morning I have iced coffee. For breakfast the first two days I had not been to the store to prepare for a diet, so I had eggs with 1 tblspn onion, mushroom, and cheese. Lunch and dinner was like canned tuna and brown rice with sugar snap peas. Now you may think, that’s not really diet, I know, but it is 100% better than what I would have eaten (breakfast would have been waffles with syrup with my boys and also eggs, bacon and coffee with cream and sugar (did I just say that out loud?!). Dinner would have been something like chicken spaghetti or something else carby and awful for you that I concocted). So I went to the store yesterday, day 3. But I had already eaten a Vitamuffin Top low carb thing for breakfast with coffee and then 1 cup of Cheerios for a snack. We went to Publix around dinner time and I was so hungry! So of course I bought about $150 worth of healthy foods= veggies, fruits, Wasa crackers (80 Cal in 3), hummus, eggs, Kashi cereal flakes, whole grain bread, whole grain noodles, organic whole grain brown rice, tilapia, steak, cage free chicken breasts, thin bnls pork chops, ground turkey, shrimp and smoked salmon. Plenty more as well. So my friend and I have a dilemma about how do you cook for just 2 adults and a toddler without having leftovers that will get thrown away? I figured it out last night… I know there are hundreds of bloggers out there who tell you how to do this, but it just clicked for me last night! My AH-HA moment! I went through all of the meats that I purchased and opened them all. I took the pork chops, 12 in total, and separated them into 3 freezer bags. I layered the chops between wax paper before I put them in the bags. Date and labeled the bags. There you go- 4 chops per bag, 3 bags= 3 meals! I did the same thing for the other meats. Actually, for my bnls chicken breasts, I split them so instead of having only 3 breasts for one meal, I now have 6 halves that can stretch for two meals. I have certain meals planned for each bag, so I think the portions should be perfect for us to get full (a healthy full, not an, “I can’t move” full. I’m working on a way to freeze some of the fresh veggies: Asparagus, fresh green beans, and corn on the cob (more for my little man than us). I am bad about not using the veggies before they go bad… any tips would be appreciated!

Also- for dinner we stopped at Chick-fil-a… boo. I had the Chicken tender Salad with the serving size of my light dressing at home… that dinner was a bit of a cheat. But I felt it was too late to unload all of the groceries and then start cooking. Because also as part of my diet, I can’t eat after 8pm, just drink water.

My breakfast this morning Thin spread of cream cheese (I need to buy the low fat though), Wasa crackers- the 3=80 cal, smoked salmon, capers, red onion, and greens and my frozen coffee.

So, I will keep you guys updated with photos of what I eat, if I cheat, excercise, etc. I have to do this to help me stay on track! I think the key for me is sticking to the serving size of the right kinds of foods and not indulging! Food is for sustenance. Eww and I read this thing on Pinterest (one of my favorite sites) that showed how you are what you eat… that is so true! I need to learn to respect my body more by watching what I put into it, it’s the only one I’ve got!

So.. for all of you non- dieters, my next post will be from a shoot I did for Access Magazine for Simply Sweet Cupcake Boutique in Mobile, AL.