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I realize it has been a while since my last post and my blog has been terribly neglected… again. That just means I have been über busy, right?…Right… Haha, actually, for the past year and a half I had been working with a local magazine, Access, but have slowed down with them because I have other plans. I am heading back to school soon! Yay! Also, I have 5 weddings so far this year and I am pretty excited about that! My first wedding of the season is next weekend, April 13th, and I am so excited to get down to the Gulf for Danielle and Leebo’s nuptials! Then the next weekend it’s Laurie and Kyle’s turn and then the weekend after that, it’s Dana and David! Whew, April is going to be a busy and exciting month!

So when I have a couple come to me, wanting me to shoot their engagement photos, I am always looking for cute outfit charts, etc., to show them ways to style their session, but also to tailor it to fit their personalities. So basically color schemes are what I look for. For example, the gf can wear a green toned dress and the bf can wear a blue and white checkered button down shirt with blue jeans. Not the same colors, but they will look great together on camera!

Also tips I like to give are to :

1. Try on your outfits to make sure you are comfortable in them! If you are not- it will show on your face :ζ

2. Make sure you at least lay out the outfits side by side beforehand to make sure they are complimentary.

3. Do the above with 3 different outfits (including shoes) and bring them all along. I love to capture the couple dressed up, casual, and comfy! It just makes the shoot more fun too.

4 Something I learned from magazine world, more looks better on camera- as far as makeup goes. Wear slightly more than you usually would, especially if you choose to do a dressy look! These are your pictures, have fun with them!

5. I always suggest to wear colors. If you want to wear black, that is fine if he’s wearing a black sports coat and pants or you are wearing a little black dress or something like that.

6. Bring a pair of flip flops- just in case and especially if you are shooting on a beach/ pier area.

7. I will always email you the weather report for the day we plan the engagement session so you can plan to dress accordingly.

(The fashion collages are below, keep reading, then I promise you are almost to them)

Actual email content in regards to engagement session…give or take a word:

I say to plan for at least 3 hours for the Engagement Session, just to give time for travel (for multiple locations), outfit changes, touch ups, etc. You never know!
I like to shoot them in the late afternoons. Once we have a date, I will send you tons of information on what to wear, where to go and inspirational ideas for the shoot and for what type of engagement photos you are looking for… etc. If you have any ideas or photos you love, send them my way- I love to hear your ideas!


I like to suggest wearing colors. It always makes for a better photo. I do not suggest  the couple wearing the same color or they will appear to be to matchy-matchy. However, if you wear colors that compliment each other or are shades of the same color family ((warm colors- (reds, oranges, pinks, yellows), cool colors (blues, purples, greens), or neutrals (tans, beiges, grays, blacks and white)), it makes everything flow together well. For example, if you wear a dress a shade of purple, then he could wear a blue shade (casual button down and jeans) or a white and blue plaid shirt. Something along those lines. But if you wanted to wear the color red, then I  would suggest for him to wear a grey or navy shirt or something. Black is ok to wear.

Also- textured clothing is great for photos. Ruffled collars, rosette collars, eyelets, bows, lace, or layers. Layers such as layer a top with a cute/light jacket or sweater.

Necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are always great accessories to add something to your outfit! Oh and of course- SHOES!

Hair and makeup- I ‘m not sure if you have a problem with your hair and humidity, but if you do, I would suggest putting some kind of anti humidity spray/cream in it before you fix your hair (I have fine hair and use a Garnier sleek and smooth cream that works well). The humidity down here can be insane and can make for crazy hair days! If you don’t have that problem, you are a lucky girl! 🙂 Just wanted to throw that in there.

Makeup- From working with a magazine, I have learned that wearing more makeup than usual shows up better in photos. But it is up to you! Make sure to bring any other touch up makeup with you that you may need.

All of that being said, I do want you guys to be comfortable in what you wear and happy about how you look in what you are wearing, so make sure to try on your outfit ahead of time, so you are happy with it.
Ok, so now the fun part 🙂
I have made up these outfit cards-like hand-picked and placed- to help show the types of things I am talking about above. The cards are from photos I have pulled from Piperlime, Banana Republic, Nordstrom, Forever 21, The Gap, Polyvore, Zappos, J.Crew, ASOS, Baker’s, Hautelook & ModCloth to name a few… I will post info under the description of each card if you want to know where to buy any of this! You may have to click on the photo first.
However, over the next few posts (other parts of this “Fashio- What to Wear” series) some of the photos will be mine. I will show you real-life examples of what to wear to your engagement photo session with me. We still have neutrals, warm colors, B&W’s, and patterns as well to cover, so expect a few more posts on this topic… If these go over well, I may do one for families as well!
BLUE AND GREEN HUEChiffon and Plaid COBALT emerald Orange Prep School Spring is in the air Super Casual sweet earth tres Chic with edge Turq What to Wear
As you notice, I think it is ok for the gf to wear shorts for an outfit- as long as it is classy, like the one above, however, I just don’t see the bf wearing shorts for photos…ever. So just suck it up and stick to pants, guys-just for the photos!

If you just went through these and hate  strongly dislike every one of them, then check out the folks at Apple Brides and their what to wear advice 🙂
See if you like those any better… and if you don’t, log off the computer and go grab a Snickers because you are probably not yourself when you are hungry… Actually, better yet (well maybe not better than a Snickers but), head over to my food blog for a yummy recipe that was posted this morning!
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